Today you’ll learn how to make your favourite tasty payesh at your home.

Accessories and Quantity:

1 liter of milk
Rice: 1 gram
Cinnamon 1 inch
Elach 3
Tejpatapa 2
Sugar is delicious
The salt is slight


Milk should be thickened with fire. It is better to give 1 gram of rice in one liter of milk. The rice should be washed for some time and soaked in water. Then the milk will burn. When milk is boiling, rice should be given in milk Give a little salt. Once the rice is half boiled then add the sugar. After mixing the sugar, the rice becomes thick and the rice is fully boiled and it should be kept in the oven while cinnamon, cardamom and radish should be added. When the milk is thickened, the rice will be well boiled, the amount of sugar should be reduced and then reduced. After cooling down, put some containers in the container and add some nuts and raisins. Then serve the fun mommy hand pies.