Learn how to make Hilsha Kabab in very short and easiest way!


• whole fish machah 1 (9001000) village
• potatoes siddhah 1 cup (mashed)
• biscuits guroh 1 cup
• onion berestah 1 / two cup
• lemon rasah 1 tablespoons
• tomatoes sasah two tablespoons
• lemon peel fine kucanoh 1 tablespoons
• pepper guroh 1 teaspoon
• Like salt intake

• Sugar: 1/4 teaspoon
• Raw peppermint: 1 tablespoon
• Coriander leaves: 2 tablespoons
• Ghee left oil: 2 tablespoons


Cut off the fish’s head. Take out the dirt from the stomach and wash it.
Boil the fish with water and salt in a pot for 5 minutes over medium heat (this water is stock of hilsa, so you can use it for other purposes). Remove the fish from the water.

Soak the fish head with a little yellow salt in the oil on the frypan.

Drizzle a few biscuits with a little oil in the pan and put them in the pan.

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Now mix 3/2 cups fried biscuits with fish and mix well with all the other ingredients except ghee.
Fry the ghee in the frypan and mix it with the fish mixture.

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Shake the fish with the kebab in the middle of the serving dish.

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Arrange the biscuits on top.
Cut it with a knife and grind it. Serve with hot polar or rice